Loft spaces & Under Floors

We are often called upon to work in places and spaces others might prefer not to. As long as we can work safely we will do whatever we can to give a neat and practical install for maximum customer satisfaction.


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Some people don’t like working at height, we on the other hand know that there is a lot to be said for the views you can glimpse from the top of a ladder or rooftop. Throw in some sunny weather  and we’re happy to fix any issues.


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We stock a wide range of aerials and TV reception equipment, so more often than not we can fix any issues you may have on the same day.

Satellite Dishes…

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We can provide a wide range of satellite solutions, which include:

  • Freesat installs

  • Non-standard Installs

  • Pole Mounted Dishes

  • Octo LNB

  • Special Heights

  • Sky issues

  • Sky Link

  • Sky Q Dish Installations

  • Magic Eye

TV wall-mounts…

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We have years of experience hanging TVs on all kinds of surfaces be it granite, brick, block, tile, wood or plasterboard.

We have the knowledge and equipment to help you.